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Solution to TAKS Math Quiz:
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Single Step Multiplication problems

TAKS Math Q1. If a car is travelling at a speed of 60 miles per hour, how far will it go in 7 hours?

TAKS Math Q2. There are three Kindergarten classes in an elemantary school. Each class has 9 boys and 7 girls. How many girls in total are in the Kindergarten?

TAKS Math Q3. There are 5 plants growing by the pond. Each plant has 3 flowers. How many flowers are there by the pond?

TAKS Math Q4. There are three 2nd grade classes in an elemantary school. Each class has 12 boys and 8 girls. How many boys in total are in the 2nd grade?

TAKS Math Q5. Emily likes to read for 15 minutes every day before going to bed. How many hours does she spend in a week reading?

TAKS Math Q6. A family of 6 went to watch a movie. What was the cost of admission if each admission ticket costs $7?

TAKS Math Q7. One gallon of fruit juice can fill 16 cups. How many cups can be filled with 12 gallons of fruit juice?

TAKS Math Q8. Mr. Tuppers dog eats 2 pounds of dog food each week. How many pounds of food does the dog need for 52 weeks?

TAKS Math Q9. A rectangular shaped poster has a length of 9 ft and a width of 3 ft. What is the area of the poster (in square feet)?

Hint: Area of a rectangle is the product of length and width

TAKS Math Q10. If Kenny earns $9 per every hour he works in a store, how much money does he make in 40 hours of work?

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