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TAKS Assessment Concept:         Mixed Review - Single Operation

TAKS Math Q1. Ryan goes for jogging everyday in the park, and decided to run for at least 120 minutes each week. On the first 6 days of the week, Ryan jogged for a total of 95 minutes. How many minutes should Ryan jog on the last day to meet his goal?

TAKS Math Q2. Mr. Johnson's 3rd grade class has 21 students. If the seven of his students are absent due to heavy rainfall on a particular day, how many students does he have in his class on that day?

TAKS Math Q3. Mrs. Jones has 16 large pink flowers and 12 small yellow flowers in a vase on her desk. She is teaching ballet to a class of 6 students. At the end of the class, she decided to give one pink flower to each student in her class. How many total flowers is she left with?

TAKS Math Q4. A tree had 9 birds standing on the branches. Then 5 more birds came along. How many birds are there in all?

TAKS Math Q5. Lydia went to visit her aunt in Laredo.She traveled 95 miles, then she traveled to Freer. She traveled 135 miles in all. Which number sentence can be used to find the distance that Lydia traveled from Laredo to Freer? Mark your answer.

TAKS Math Q6. Jeff collects movies. He has 28 VHS tapes and 35 DVDs. What is the total number of movies that he has in his collection.

TAKS Math Q7. Johnny went bowling. He had scores of 112, 127, and 98. What was his total score for all three games?

TAKS Math Q8. Harry has 42 marbles and 24 tiles. What information is needed to find the number of her marbles which are NOT blue? Mark your answer

TAKS Math Q9. There are three 2nd grade classes in an elemantary school. Each class has 9 boys and 6 girls. How many girls in total are in the 2nd grade?

TAKS Math Q10. A blue van was going on the highway at 65 miles per hour. A red sports car went past the van about 15 miles per hour faster. What speed was the red sports car travelling at?

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