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TAKS Concept:         Traingles, Squares, etc

TAKS Math Q1. Marissa uses a ribbon to decorate around a rectangular cake. The cake is a rectangle with a length of 48 cm and width of 12 cm. How much ribbon does she need?

TAKS Math Q2. Mr Johnson jogs round the school field 4 times a day. He runs a total distance of 1600 feet. If the school field is square, what is the length of each of its sides?

TAKS Math Q3. A man has a square garden. Each side is 12m long. How far is it around the edge of the garden?

TAKS Math Q4. The school playing field is shaped like a rectangle. It has a length of 120m and a width of 40m. What is the perimeter of the playground?

TAKS Math Q5. Brenda uses a piece of string to measure the distance around a regular pentagon. The distance is 95 inches, how long is each side?

TAKS Math Q6. The school playing field is a rectangle and is 100m long. Kimberly walks round the playground once. She walks 300m in total. What is the width of the playground?

TAKS Math Q7. A rectangular picture frame is three times as long as it is wide. If it is 10 cm wide, what is the distance all the way round the frame?


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