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TAKS Concept:         Prefixes-I

TAKS Math Q1. What is the meaning of the prefix ambi- in ambidextrous?

TAKS Math Q2. Which prefix means 'many' ?

TAKS Math Q3. A monorail has tracks with how many rails?

TAKS Math Q4. What is the meaning of the prefix sub- in submarine ?

TAKS Math Q5. What is the meaning of the prefix mal- in malfunction ?

TAKS Math Q6. If you talk vaguely, your words are _______

TAKS Math Q7. A kilogram has how many grams ?

TAKS Math Q8. We have a memorable vacation. It was truely __________.

TAKS Math Q9. What is the meaning of the prefix vita- in vitamin ?

TAKS Math Q10. A quarter means the following fraction:


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