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Students preparing for TAKS Assessment can practice by taking the following Math quiz and assess their understading of concepts outlined in TAKS Assessment criteria.
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Points, Lines, Segments and Rays

TAKS Math Q1. What does the follwoing diagram represent?
(assume that the arrow means the line continues to infinity)

TAKS Math Q2. In the following sketch, what do E & F represent?

TAKS Math Q3.

If light begins at a point in the light bulb and goes out forever, what is the definition of the path of the light?

TAKS Math Q4.

What do you call each side of a rectangle ?

TAKS Math Q5. In the following sketch, what does EF represent?

TAKS Math Q6.

What do you call a geometric figure that connects two points?

TAKS Math Q7. The below diagram what do A, B, C & D represent ?

TAKS Math Q8.

If you have a line segment that starts at point A and ends at point B. What do you call it you extend it forever beyond point B, but do not extend at point A ?

TAKS Math Q9.

What do you call each side of a traingle ?

TAKS Math Q10.

If two lines are intersection, what is the name of the location where they intesect?


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