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Solution to TAKS Math Quiz:
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Word Problems - Addition

Q1. An auditorium has 207 seats on the first level, 105 seats on the second level and 96 seats on the third level. About how many seats are in all three levels combined?

Q2. Kim has 12 red ribbons, 8 green ribbons and 18 blue ribbons. What is the total number of red and blue ribbons?

Q3. A dance was held in a social hall on two consecutive nights. If the attendance on first night was 72 couples and on the second night was 32 couples, how many total couples attended on both nights?

Q4. Susan worked part-time at a grocery store for 2 weeks. She made $297 in the first week and $389 in the second week. About how much money did she earn at the grocery store in 2 weeks?

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