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Solution to TAKS Math Quiz:
TAKS Assessment Concept:         Word Problems - Addition and Subtraction

Q1. There are 7 pirates who divided the treasure that contains 4867 gem stones. The leader escaped from the island with some of the treasure. Next morning the rest of the pirates found they have only 2623 gem stones left. How many gem stones did the betraying pirate leader took with him ?

Q2. Michelle bought apples at the grocery store for $0.80 per pound. If she paid $4.12 for the apples, about how many pounds of apples did she buy?

Q3. In a circus show that lasts a total of 138 minutes, the intermission was after 75 minutes. How long the circus last after the intermission ?

Q4. Solar Panel made by Michael collects 1.3 W per week. Michael is storing the energy in a cell. How many weeks will it take Michael to store 7.8W of energy ?

Q5. Emma used 7892 inches of yarn while weaving her blanket. Ashley used 4658 inches of yarn for her scarf, while Alex used 3138 inches of yarn to make a pillow case. How many total inches of yarn did the girls use ?

Q6. Madison wanted buy a hat, a dress and shoes for Halloween. The prices are $11.55 for the hat, $18.15 for the shoes and $ 29.20 for the dress. How much did Madison pay to buy all the items ?

Q7. Elizabeth learnt 674 words in her first grade. In second grade she learnt 1284 new words. In the third grade Elizabeth added 4326 new words to her vocabulary. How many total words Elizabeth learnt in grades I, II and III ?

Q8. An auditorium has 3,019 seats on the first level, 1,043 seats on the second level, and 1,921 seats on the third level. About how many seats are in all three levels combined?

Q9. Matthew collected 3187 points, Hannah collected 4129 points and Christopher collected 3976 point in a computer game. How many total points did the three collect ?

Q10. Daniel ordered a meal with spaghetti and meatballs which has 2,430 calories. Ethan ordered Cheese Burger and Frie1 containing 1022 calories. What is the total number of calories in both orders combined ?

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