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Q1. How oftern does a Monarch fly migrate?

Q2. Which species lives longer ?

Q3. How are car makers competing in the Formula One race ?

Q4. ... important part of Aboriginal culture ...
what does the word Aboriginal mean ?

Mountain Lion is also called Cougar, once occupied more territory than any other land animal in the Western Hemisphere. The mountain lion is a solitary, nocturnal animal. Exceptionally agile, the mountain lion can leap more than 18 feet in height and more than 20 feet in length. It can drop more than 50 feet from a vantage point onto prey without suffering injury. The mountain lion can run approximately 35 miles for hour for short distances. The Mountain Lion uses its long, heavy tail like a rudder when turning sharply to catch prey such as deer. The mountain lion holds the Guinness record for the animals with the highest number of names. In the English language the mountain lion has more than 40 names. Unlike the tiger or the lion, the mountain lion cannot roar because of the structure of its larynx, or voice box. Instead, it produces a high-pitched scream, earning it a place in American folklore.

How high can a mountain lion jump ?

The sleek and long-legged cheetah is losing its race for survival. Unlike other cats, the cheetah has a leaner body, longer legs, and has been referred to as the "greyhound" of the cats. The world's fastest land mammal, the cheetah, is the most unique and specialized member of the cat family and can reach speeds of 70 mph. Now restricted to sub-Saharan Africa, wild cheetahs once were found in most of Africa, the plains of southern Asia, the Middle East and India. Loss of habitat, conflict with humans, as well as its own loss of genetic variation, are the main threats facing the cheetah today.
The Cheetahs are very clumsy fighters. The result is that although the cheetahs are the best hunters in Africa, they lose much of their prey to the more aggressive predators, such as lions and hyenas, who chase them away and steal their food.

At present, where can we find most of the world’s wild cheetahs? Why is Cheetah referred to as the “greyhound” of the cats ?

Q7. Why does a mountain lion hold Guinness record ?

Q8. downforce can enhance adhesion to the track....
What does the word adhesion mean, in the above context ?

The migration, each year, of millions of Monarch butterflies from Canada, across America, to Mexico, is one of the most profound mysteries in nature.
Starting from a tiny caterpillar, blossoming into a beautiful butterfly, these delicate creatures will fly thousands of miles in a feat of endurance and navigation unlike anything else in nature.
If it survives enemy attacks and bad weather, a Monarch that started in Canada has to fly at least 50 miles a day to get to Mexico. The physical effort this requires is remarkable for a creature so small, with such fragile wings.

Where do the Monarch butterflies originate ?

Q10. What is another name for the jet engine ?

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